Founded in 1998 by two visionaries with Coos County and timber in their blood, Southport was conceived from the notion that a successful market niche could be filled by manufacturing higher-value wood products from under-used pulp logs.

In the years since, Southport has capitalized on the efficiencies of a modern, high-output mill, one-of-a-kind transportation system and diversified product line to grow a thriving company while maintaining the family feel of its roots.

We believe the quality of our people, the efficiency of our operations and the diversity of our product offerings position us for continued success through any future challenges. We employ over 220 local residents and remain committed to the communities of Coos Bay, North Bend and our friends and neighbors throughout Coos County.

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As used in our site, “Southport” refers generally to our parent company, Southport Investments, LLC, and several of its affiliated companies, including Southport Investments, Southport Trucking, Southport Logging, Southport Forest Products, Southport Chip Co, Southport Lumber Co, each being a separate legal entity and performing a specific business function. If you have questions about the roles these entities serve in our affiliated group, please let us know.